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    The Safe & Save Line primarily consists of safe cosmetic formulas, for hygiene and care, in which the proven effect of native collagen is supported by specially selected, natural ingredients with beneficial effects. The products are affordably priced, so you can use them on a daily basis, while their delicate compositions answer the needs of the whole family, from young to old. Enjoy high-quality Safe & Save care every day.

    From the beginning, we fell in love with collagen for its anti-wrinkle properties. But after many years of testing, we’ve learned that our ‘youth protein’ can do so much more. Native collagen has an extremely powerful regenerative effect on human tissue – not just of the skin, but also the gums, joints, bones and hair. The Safe & Save line is developed based on the regenerative power of this protein, which, with age, our body produces less and less of.

    The Safe & Save line is:

    Care and hygiene cosmetics for the whole family
    safe cosmetics formulas + economic packaging + guaranteed Colway International quality

    The most important active ingredients of the line:



    Red algae


    from Irises

    Novelty in Safe & Save line:

    Collagen toothpaste

    Created from natural ingredients and perfectly suited to the daily oral care of the entire. Containing a complex of active substances enriched with marine collagen with a strong regenerative effect on gums, our Collagen toothpaste has been formulated to ensure a beautiful, healthy smile. Thanks to its natural silica, it effectively cleanses, visibly brightens the enamel and gives the teeth a beautiful shine. The chamomile and aloe extracts have a soothing effect, while the green tea extract helps maintain an appropriate pH level in the mouth, thus inhibiting the development of caries-causing bacteria. Its nano silver has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the red algae Corrallina Officinalis Extract strengthens the walls of the blood vessels in the gums. In addition, the algae extract contains an unusually high amount of natural calcium, which is the main building block of the teeth.


    Other product from Safe & Save line: